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Beyond Industry Standard

ISO Accreditation Standard

Sonictron work towards ISO accreditation to provide additional assurance of its quality to customers. However, despite not having ISO accreditation at present, the Company operates within a strict set of internal control systems developed by the Management.

This internal control framework governs the overall “Project Management for Integrated Solutions” which encompasses sub-components including its Servicing Operations. This framework is robust yet effective; spanning from Application towards Designing of any required deliverables. It moves on to Production controls, which subsequently leads to customer Buy-Off.

Once that is achieved, the product will go through Commissioning. After commissioning and handover, an Instruction Manual would be issued for reference and guidance to the end-user.

Our Services are specialized in:

Ultrasonic cleaning system/machine
Aqueous cleaning system/machine
Ultrasonic cleaner
Bench-top ultrasonic cleaner
Ultrasonic generator
Immersion ultrasonic
Mould cleaner
Stencil cleaner
PCB cleaner
Conveyor cleaning system / machine
Hydrocarbon cleaning system / machine
Vapor degreaser
Spray cleaner
Spray cleaning machine / system
Paint stripping cleaning
Heavy Duty ultrasonic cleaner
Heavy duty cleaning machine / system
Magazine cleaning system / machine
Single tank ultrasonic cleaner
Solvent recovery system
DI Water system
Generator repairing
Cleaning machine repair & service
Food Waste composter
Cleaning chemical
Reel to Reel cleaning system

Our Services Industries:

Metal Stamping / Die-Casting Industries
Surface Treatment / Plating Industries
Automotive Industries
SMT / Electronic / Semicon Industries
Avaition / Shipyard Industries
Plastic Injection Industries
Academic Industries
Machining / Fastening Industries
Medical Industries
Lens / Optical Industries
Printing Industries


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